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Outdoor Experiences

From sophisticated wine tasting sessions to a literal goose chase, we believe team building goes beyond awkward trust falls and colleague surveys. Don't just get your team out of the office, treat them to an inspiring experience where they can let loose a little while learning new skills. Take a look at the range of activities available for you and your team here at The Elvetham. Located in North Hampshire and on the border with Surrey and Berkshire, The Elvetham is easily accessed from London and the South East...

Crystal Challenge

Based on the popular ‘90’s game show, Crystal Challenge is probably one of the most popular team building events in the world. Hosted by our very own energetic presenters, in teams you will compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of activities, ranging from mental, skill, physical and mystery challenges that if successful, will yield a precious crystal and seconds of time inside the crystal dome.

Geese herding

Not only are you going on a wild goose chase, you will be herding the geese with Collies through an obstacle course. Let the games begin and hilarity ensue.

It's a Knockout

It's a Knockout is an action packed fun event that is amusing and challenging for all participants; ideal for fast and furious corporate days out or team building events.

Honda pilots

Because nothing brings a team together like a competition. Race around in off-road buggies designed for dune racing. These little buggies are deceptively fast but you are protected with a roll cage and helmets will be provided.

Survival Island

You've seen it on the TV, now it's your turn to see if you can learn the skills of the great outdoors and conquer this survival team building experience.


Segways are easy to ride but much harder to master; once you have been taught the basics you can tackle the ingenious course to test your precision driving skills.


Unleash your competitive streak and learn the medieval skill of archery. Combining hand eye coordination with strength and precision, archery is the perfect way to bond and focus your team.

Scavenger hunt

Combining photographic, mental and cryptic challenges throughout our estate, scavenger hunts are a great way to work together in pairs or as a team - who can make it back to base camp first?

Indoor Experiences

The Elvetham has a range of flexible indoor spaces that make the ideal setting for a wide range of indoor events, so you don't need to worry about the weather. Try something new with our range of fun and engaging team building activities.

The Qube

Complete with gameshow lighting and an inflatable cube, contestants work in teams to face a series of nail-biting challenges. Can you beat the Qube?


Escape Rooms

This immersive, mind-blowing, interactive event will be like nothing you have ever experienced. Find clues, solve puzzles and escape the rooms in 60 minutes!


Crime Scene Experience

A crime scene is set up; grisly or otherwise! Guests are divided into CSI Teams (appropriate team names are encouraged!). Each team is given a 'briefing file' which contains everything you need to know about the investigation and the rest is up to you...



The Ultimate Challenge

The ultimate challenge is a frantic, fun and fast-paced event which requires teams to work together to complete a number of physical, mental and skill based challenges. While some of the tasks may appear straight forward, with the pressure of the clock it's as never as easy as it seems...  


Chocolate Making

Under the watchful eye of the Chocolatier guests will try their hand at making their very own chocolates using milk, dark and white chocolate accompanied by a variety of different flavourings and toppings, to make your chocolates delicious and decadent. 


Murder Mystery

A murder mystery is an unusual and unforgettable evening of laughter and excitement. Your guests are the key witnesses to a brutal murder, and must solve critical clues to discover the guilty party before they strike again...

Race simulators

Get into the driver's seat of the world's most iconic cars and race your colleagues around famous historic grand prix circuits, whilst the crowd watches the race live!


Cocktail Making Masterclass

Our professional bottle spinners will start the event off with a whistle and bells demonstration of cocktail making, which will soon be followed by a masterclass in the art of mixing drinks. 


The time is now

Whether you want to book a cocktail masterclass or murder mystery dinner, we have just the thing to bring your team together. Let our expert team help you plan a fun and productive team building day.