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Glow Worms at The Elvetham

The UK's only bioluminescent gardens.

Bringing Back Glow Worms

Over the past two years, The Elvetham has embarked on an exciting project to repopulate the glowworm species. Since 2001, glowworm numbers in the UK have reduced by three quarters, the loss of wild meadows and light pollution have all undoubtedly played a part.

Thousands of glowworms have been bred in captivity and carefully released within the hotel's grounds. To create a nature-friendly environment, The Elvetham has restored wildflower meadows and encouraged the growth of nature-friendly scrubland in their historic gardens.

Additionally, the hotel has implemented a timed lighting system to avoid disturbing the glowing females.

Visitors to The Elvetham will have the opportunity to witness the larvae as they start glowing, transforming the grounds into England's first ever bioluminescent gardens.